Won’t you help the poinsettias?

Those creative Utah Sate University Extension folks are at it again.  Jerry Goodspeed’s hilarious Gnome Management video was a big hit among the gardening crowd a couple of years ago. 

His current effort is a bit more…film noir. 

"Mission accomplished" if you’ve been shamed into watering that poor poinsettia languishing in the dining room.  A little fertilizer wouldn’t hurt, either.

4 thoughts on “Won’t you help the poinsettias?

  1. Holly, It did the first time, all that latex was a mess, but then I figured out pouring a bit of stale veg-oil down the hopper first.

  2. In Oz, we just shove ‘em in the garden and they are 6 feet tall before February. Oh, and I am always astounded by the North American inability to pronounce words correctly. It is poin-sett-i-a. Just like Al-u-min-i-um, will you Americans never get it right? He He P.S. Just loved the video!

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