About MFLN

The purpose of the Military Families Learning Network is to serve military family service professionals through engaged online communities which identify and make use of the highest quality, best practices, research-and evidence-based information, educational and curriculum materials, and programming activities and efforts.

The primary concentration areas for the Military Families Learning Network are Personal Finance, Military CaregivingFamily Development, and Network Literacy. The Military Families Learning Network is made up of Cooperative Extension family specialists and military family service professionals from DoD, branch services, and non-governmental organizations. These online communities engage in various places, like Facebook facebook.com/militaryfamilies and Twitter twitter.com/milfamln, and on DoD authorized social sites.

This learning network offers professional development opportunities through web conferencing [http://learn.eXtension.org] and online asynchronous learning modules. eXtension.org/militaryfamilies serves as the hub for the online activities and engagement for the Military Families Learning Network.

Military Families Learning Network Leaders

Project Director: Kyle Kostelecky, PhD CFLE

Project Leader: Sarah Baughman, PhD

Social Media Strategist: Anne Mims Adrian, PhD

Evaluation Specialist: Brigitte Scott, PhD

Professional Development Coordinator: Karen Jeannette

Communications & Marketing Specialist: Terry Meisenbach

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